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Our experienced team delivers quality service and hands on approach

Gaias Organic Gardens

Gaia is the goddess of the earth in greek mythology. She is the spirit of mother nature, the spirit of the earth. We chose this as our name because we wanted to embrace her energy and live by the concept of all living beings on the planet having an affect on each other and the environment.

We strongly believe if everyone just took a tiny step to recover the immediate environment in their backyards, the world would be a much more beautiful, healthy and sustainable place. Imagine the positive effects we would see in the world if we all took the responsibility to make that one small change. You too can make a difference. start by calling us today!


We are a small and dedicated business focused on helping others grown their own food.

About Us


Gaia’s Organic Gardens is a local, non-for-profit organisation dedicated to helping others to grow their own food and live healthier and happier lives.

Carla and the team are experts at what they do and have helped hundreds of people to grow their own vegetables in their own backyards and to reconnect with nature.

Our dedicated team are out there involved in the Perth community and spreading the message of the importance of living sustainably and eating organic, locally sourced produce.

A portion of all funds we collect go back into community programs and our excess organic produce that is grown in our vegetable gardens is donated to people within the community who need it most.

What Our Customers Say

"I’ve grown vegis before but I’ve never seen anything quite like this!"
Richard Muskett
"Thanks so much for our vegi garden,the kids are having a ball."
O’Reilly Family
"Carla is energetic & hardworking, she really knows her stuff!"
Rina D’Angelo

Are You Ready To Grow More Produce?

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