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Meet The Team

Carla Weir

Garden Doctor – Primary Director / Operator

I was inspired to start this business as it is what I am most passionate about. My life’s purpose is nurturing people thorough their gardens. I am qualified in Horticulture, Conservation and have a background in Permaculture.

It is an overwhelmingly toxic world we live in. But I believe everyone can make a difference to better the world and this change starts in our own backyards.

I love to see people enjoying their vegetable gardens, getting outdoors more and sharing beautiful fresh healthy produce with their friends, family and neighbours.

There is a need for us all to be returning to old values of environmental care, and of strong communities and friendships, and I believe backyard vegetable gardens are the perfect place to facilitate this movement.

Mark Petruzio

Garden Doctor – Supervisor

Whaa Gwaan!! (What’s going on!) awesome growers!! My name is Mark! I never work, ever! Pretty weird hey? Quite simply I love what I do and enjoy my days with this bunch of scallywags doing the best job in the world, everyday! Teaching beautiful people like you to be even more awesome but outside in the gardens!

Ms Carla put me in charge of keeping the ball rolling probably due to my obsession with learning everything about holistic, conscious, vibrational gardening and everything in between! I’ve studied and completed my Certificate 3 in Horticulture, Certificate 3 in Conservation and Certificate 3 in Land Management.

But my learning continues! I can’t wait to share with you what we know and have you teach us in return! Happy Gardening and Healthy Gardening!

Karen Bernhart

Garden Doctor – Guardian of the Gardens

Hi , I’m Karen and I am just in love with nature. It is my happy place. The more nature I can plant in this world the better off we all are and the happier I am. Especially when it is edible and organically created, planted and reared.

I love the work I do creating sustainable, environment and human friendly edible gardens in peoples home. I love seeing how much joy and peace and health it brings to their lives and that of their children’s. (And who knows eventually children’s, children)

I love coming back to peoples homes to do our maintenance rounds and seeing their gardens flourish with edible flowers and fresh produce. Bees and ladybirds doing their thing playing out their important roles.

I am passionate about we are what we eat and roll modelling this to our children. connecting people and children with the origin of their food and how it is grown is vital in the good health of the produce.

Ryan Coleman

“The Funguy” Mushroom Specialist and Wicking Bed Handcrafter

Ryan is the founder and sole operator of Biologic System Design, running a small mushroom farm and experimenting with compost and soil techniques to provide high quality mineral and microbe rich soils, composts and compost teas for nutrient dense food production.

Ryan also works with water devices to increase waters potential for life, which he demonstrates through his own small scale food production system.

What Our Customers Say

"I’ve grown vegis before but I’ve never seen anything quite like this!"
Richard Muskett
"Thanks so much for our vegi garden,the kids are having a ball."
O’Reilly Family
"Carla is energetic & hardworking, she really knows her stuff!"
Rina D’Angelo

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