10 Reasons you need Nasturtiums Growing today

This Autumn, you may see one particular “weed” around that is one hell of a handy plant, after all the definition of a weed is just a plant in the wrong place! So if you do not have Nasturtiums in … Read More

Sensory Gardens

As a mother to a vibrant and energetic two year old son I have recently began to explore sensory activities, I’m really not sure who enjoys them more to be honest me or Hunter! Sensory activities for children. As we … Read More

Why you need Medicinal Gardens

Humans have been using plants for healing since the beginning of time. There benefits are proven and have stood the ultimate test of time to show their worth and effectiveness. Returning back to your roots. In today’s modern society there … Read More

Companion Planting and Edible Flowers

I have so many people ask me what companion planting is. In my garden and in any garden I do I always use companion planting practices because I see the results working again and again. What is companion Planting? As … Read More

Organic Weed Control

If you cant beat em, eat em!! A unique yet effective look at organic weed control. Weeds have a bad reputation, a really bad reputation. And it is really a misplaced hate. The definition of a weed is simply a … Read More