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Coaching, Mentoring, and Workshops

Personalised Coaching Services and Public Workshops

Coaching and Mentoring Services

Gaia’s is proud to offer a wide range of coaching and mentoring services.

Our private coaching session topics include, but are not limited to;


Basic gardening principles (for all you black thumbs out there!)
Growing food for free
Growing food with kids
Seed collecting and saving
Edible weeds and flowers
Composting/worm farms
Wicking beds
Sauerkraut making
Kombucha tea and infusions from your garden produce
Kefir and cooking with your garden produce


We also offer tutoring on successful sustainable planting & growing food for free at an additional charge of $75.00 to any of our services or packages.

If you’d like to invite a friend or family member you’re more than welcome to do so. The additional charge for other invitees is $30.00 per person (excluding children under 18 as they are free!!)

By attending one of our workshops it’s like you’re making a sound investment choice as we’ll provide you with all the essential skills needed to grow your own food minimal cost for the rest of your life.

What You Will Learn Through Coaching Services

Get Back to Basics

We are passionate about educating the community on how to grow and create nutrient rich food, in their own homes. Bring it back to basics and eliminate all those hidden additives and chemicals by learning how to make your food from scratch.

Live Healthier

Sustainable gardening not only creates a better environment, but it is also better for you. You will spend more time outdoors, have less exposure to harmful chemicals and enjoy the benefits of freshly harvested produce.

Save Money

By growing your own food from scratch, you are not only going to have fresher meals – you will also save money. Your own edible landscape is a cost effective way to introduce the right foods into your home.

Life Changing Skills

You will walk away from our coaching services with a host of skills and tools to change your life for the better. Not only will you use your new skill-set in the garden, you will find yourself applying them to everyday life.

Gaias Organic Gardens Workshops

In a world where the future is uncertain and money is tight for most of us, it helps to prepare ourselves to live self-sustainability as best as we can.

Learning how to grow your own food for minimal cost is now becoming an essential skill that everyone should have. You will learn how to turn scraps that you would normally throw away back into nourishing and tasty food.

You’ll also learn harvesting and seed saving tips. These lessons will also help you to get maximum yields from your vegetable patches.
This workshop is suitable for beginners or more advanced gardeners, and even you black thumbs out there!

Would you like to learn how to make some nutritionally dense delicious foods, high in probiotics, from scratch in your own kitchen? Save money and improve your health by making your own sauerkraut, kefir, coconut yogurt and Kombucha tea packed full of body balancing probiotics.
Oh and best of all free taste testers of everything we make are included in the workshop price.


From my delicious lime balm coconut yogurt with blueberry syrup and hemp seed crumble to the sauerkraut and kefir, we’ll take you on a journey of taste sensory overload! So, what are you waiting for? Book your spot now on our Fermenting class with a difference.

Are you sick and tired of all the harmful, toxic ingredients that are put into our beauty products? Not to mention how over-priced they are and the fact that beauty products are tested on animals! What if I told you its 100% possible to move away from conventional beauty products? That’s right you can.
By using simple ingredients and plants that you can grow you can create your own perfectly safe, perfectly nourishing and perfectly edible beauty and hair products.

After all, your skin is the biggest organ of your body and with its huge absorption power you really should only put ONTO your body something that’s safe to put INTO your body!

In all my workshops I will also be providing a light lunch of delicious nutritionally dense superfoods, incorporating things I can grow at home in my kitchen or garden.

Great Savings! Bundle 3 Workshops For Just $250 and 4 Workshop Package for $280!
What Are You Waiting For!

Upcoming Workshops

Our workshops are designed to be informative, fun and provide participants with specific skills and techniques to live a more natural, healthier lifestyle

Organic Gardening Workshop

Join us for a fun afternoon of Organic Gardening Information!

Organic Gardening Workshop

Join us for a fun afternoon of Organic Gardening Information!

About Carla


Carla Weir is a lifelong nurturer of gardens, healer of spirits, and seeker of connection.

Born in Broome, Carla inherited her enthusiasm and skills for permaculture from her mother, and through the souls of earth women before her. Determined to heal the earth of humanity’s toxic habits, Carla established Gaia’s Organic Gardens, where she mentors and empowers others to connect with their gardens, grow their own food, and embrace sustainable living practices.

Through Gaia, Carla facilitates popular workshops on topics as varied as fermented foods, edible weeds, natural beauty, and seed saving. She provides ‘garden doctor’ packages, kids programs, and a range of coaching services. Her award-winning blog is inspirational and informative. Keeping plants and people thriving is the driving force behind everything she does.

In addition, a portion of all funds collected by Gaia’s Organic Gardens is funnelled back into local community programs, and excess produce is distributed to those in need.

Carla has also been interviewed on radio several times and is currently filming something very exciting… and secret! In fact, you could say growing something new is Carla’s forte.

She has a swagful of qualifications from horticulture, to business, to marketing, and practices Reiki, meditation, and a range of other healing work. When not making the outside world a better place, she is looking after an energetic toddler and fantastic husband and thinking up new ways to build connections with family, community, and beyond.


Gaia’s Organic Gardens has helped hundreds of homes to grow their own vegetables in their own backyards.


Being fully certified in horticulture and conservation means you can trust that your garden is in good hands.

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"I attended the Garden workshop "Growing Food for Free" and absolutely loved it. The passion and energy that Carla brings to the event is very inspiring. Her practical demonstrations make the workshop fun and interactive and I was surprised at how easy it is to grow things from scraps. I would highly recommend this event to anyone interested in growing their own food. I will definitely be attending the other workshops being that I enjoyed this event so much. Thank you Carla for a great event."
" Two weeks ago I attended the Growing Food for Free workshop with Carla. Those two hours were so beneficial with regards to the information provided, top tips shared and the encouragement given. Carla is so passionate about growing her own food, this is refreshing, motivating and infectious. Following the workshop I have been eating nutritious and tasty weeds (who knew?) from the garden, drying some of the last peas for seeds and saving the tops from root vegetables to regrow. Following the workshop Carla visited my garden and shared much wisdom and practical advice. There was no hard sell, just advice and help to prioritise my next tasks to nurture what already exists and prepare the soil ready for the next planting. Thanks Carla for sharing your energy, reassuring me I am on the right track and motivating me to spend enjoyable gardening time productively."