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Edible Landscaping

Foodscaping - Edible Landscaping

‘Foodscaping’ is where functionality meets aesthetics – our purpose is to work with you to establish a lifelong, self-sustaining ecosystem, ensuring you have premium soil health and are incorporating edible produce into your gardens.

Not only can our experts recommend useful and edible plants to create beautiful gardens, we will even recommend Australian native varieties, which are endemic to your specific area of Perth.

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Why choose Foodscaping next time you landscape?

Foodcaping is all about incorporating fruit, vegetable and herbs with shrubs and trees, to make your garden not only look great, but become functional too.

Our team of specialists will work with your space to create beautiful, sustainable edible gardens – all whilst being conscious of the environmental footprint and considering the surrounding ecosystem.



Foodscaping is traditional landscaping but using food/fruit trees to create the looks rather than ornamental plants. It’s a no-brainer to have a landscape in your backyard that looks attractive and provides food for your family, and the best thing is they can be low maintenance and great fun as well.”
Soil is the most important thing in a successful garden, When installing/designing your foodscape we will put a lot of care into the soil and teach you how to maintain it in a cost-effective and simple manner. We also have a maintenance service where we can come and take care of the dirty work for you!”
We use companion planting techniques to reduce the likelihood of Pests being a problem in your garden, By creating a healthy ecosystem the area will be more self-sustaining. We will also offer simple organic environmentally friendly solutions if any pests do occur.”
“Landscaping your home can add value and improve sell ability to your investment property. The cost of foodscaping vs traditional landscaping is very similar, but your return on investment will be much higher when growing your own food. You will even have enough to share with your neighbours, friends and those in need. “

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Can You Grow More Food From Your Garden?

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We are very happy with the wonderful vegetable patch and fruit orchard that Gaias Organic Gardens did for us. Carla is so enthusiastic & explains all about the plants and how to use them. The whole family loves picking our produce and it’s saved us lots of money too. Would highly recommend Gaias Organic Gardens to anyone looking to grow their own food.
Mairead O’Reilly