What to Plant March & April…. And some edible weeds.

Happy Autumn Green Thumbs!! With a cool end to summer we can see the weather bringing us into what is undoubtedly going to be a nice cool start to Perth’s Autumn Season. we can see an array of new vegetables … Read More

January/ February Planting List

The following are seasonal favourites for January and February. … Read More

November & December planting list and this seasons edible weeds

Summer is rolling in and we can already smell the sun, get your sunscreen out and hit the beach, but not before planting out your summer crops! Remember the key to summer success in the garden is: Good Soil Shade … Read More

Spring Planting List and This Season’s Edible Weeds

Spring is Here…. Im so excited I wet my plants!! So we are already seeing some beautiful warm days so it’s completely ok to start planting your spring seeds. It’s a great idea to put little green houses over things … Read More

Chickweed (Stelaria Media)

Every time I head to my favorite little foraging spot it’s transformed into something new. I’m always amazed at the diversity of what is available so freely in nature! It’s got so much to offer, all we need to do … Read More

Online Gardening Workshop: Seed Saving and Growing food for free

Seed Saving and Growing food for free. … Read More

Online Gardening Workshop: Organic Pest Control

Learn how to care for your “pests” organically. Learn how to Identify a friend and a foe and what to do to save your precious crops … Read More

Online Gardening Workshop: Homemade Organic Fertilizers

Stuck at home? Want to do everything yourself all of a sudden? Did you know your snails also make a great slow release fertiliser???? … Read More

Online Gardening Workshop: Composting 101

Composting- The ins and out of creating your own lush compost from stuff you have in the home. Reducing landfill & adding so much benefit to your soils. … Read More

5 Must Have Herbs for a Kitchen Garden

Herbs are fast and super easy to grow, as far as ROI (return of investment) the return is very high as herbs are pricey (especially organic). Organic herbs are one of the most expensive fresh additives to purchase from the … Read More