Aloe Vera – Is It Edible

Many of us used Aloe Vera to treat hair and skin since it is one of the traditional medicine for thousands of years. However, there’s always this confusion of whether this perennial plant is only for skin and hair treatment, … Read More

Aloe Vera – Overview

One of the easiest plant to grow that not only brings life to your space but also serves as your self-regenerating first-aid kit is none other than Aloe Vera. The name aloe vera derives from the Arabic word “alloeh” meaning … Read More

What to Plant in July & August

Yay! Finally, winter is here! We are seeing a late winter finally arriving here in Perth. But some of the plants are already thinking its spring, It’s hard to tell exactly what will succeed in your garden. One factor is … Read More

Tatsoi (Asian Spinach)

I want to talk to you guys about a winter green called Tatsoi or also known as Asian spinach. It’s a fantastic green to grow in the fall, winter and early spring. The name Tatsoi comes from Cantonese word meaning … Read More

What to Plant May & June

So this is still a great time of year for planting. With ease and grace Gaia nurtures and cares for your little baby plants and nurses them to full maturity. If you still don’t have your Brassicas in (broccoli, Cabbage … Read More

Bush Tucker Plant List

                  Raspberry Jam Wattle – Acacia Acuminata Edible seeds can be grounded into flour and baked into cakes Raspberry Jam Wattle flowers heavily in Spring               … Read More

Organic Gardening Masterclass Workshop

Join us for a fun morning of Organic Gardening Information! … Read More

Hub Nights on Henry Street : Natural Beauty Workshop

Moore & Moore’s Hub Nights on Henry Street along with Gaias Organic Gardens is teaching you all about Natural Beauty. … Read More

Winter Teas

You have probably noticed how short are the days and how cold are the mornings…winter is here and the inconvenience with it! But lucky gardeners we are! Nature is well done and provides us all the good things in the … Read More

How Not To Murder Your Houseplants

As a gardener, I have come across so many people who have fear of growing houseplants. Some of us just find it hard to believe that keeping a houseplant alive is actually not as hard as you think it is. … Read More