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Gaia's Organic Gardens

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Gift Vouchers

Looking for a unique gift idea? Look no further than a Gaia’s Organic Gardens Workshop Gift Voucher!
Our workshops are designed to be informative, fun and provide participants with specific
skills and techniques to live a more natural, healthier lifestyle.

9 Different Voucher to Choose From!

Gift Voucher One: Workshop Package- All 4 workshops



Gift Voucher Two: Natural Beauty Workshop

Gift Voucher Three: Fermenting for Better Health

Gift Voucher Four: Organic Gardening Workshop

Gift Voucher Five: Edible Weeds

Gift Voucher Six: Garden Doctor Consultation

Gift Voucher Seven: Organic Vegetable Garden – Couples

Gift Voucher Nine: Organic Vegetable Garden – Small Family

Gift Voucher Eight: Organic Vegetable Garden – Medium

FREE Downloadable : Companion Planting Guide

Companion planting works. We see it in effect time and time again. It is based on the needs and requirements of plants and their symbiotic relationships with other plants and insects. 

Growing food for free: FREE downloadable PDF


In a world where the future is uncertain and for most of us money is tight we need to prepare ourselves
for self-sustainability as best as we can. Learning how to grow your own food for at minimal cost is a skill everyone should have.

With this free downloadable growing food for free guide you will learn the skills to grow food for the rest of your life, at a minimal cost.

You will learn these skills and more, preparing you for your future.

Fermenting and cooking with your garden produce workbook

fermenting set up June (1)

Would you like to better your health and increase your vitality? Does the idea of drinking a tea nicknamed
“ the immortality elixir” appeal to you? Would you like to save money on what can be an expensive probiotic bill?
With this downloadable guide, we share our favourite delicious and nutritious fermenting recipes.

This detailed booklet contains the fermenting processes in detail as well as over 12 great whole food recipes.

About Carla

carlaweirI was inspired to start this business as it is what I am most passionate about. My lifes purpose is nurturing people thorough their gardens.

It is an overwhelmingly toxic world we live in. But I believe everyone can make a difference to better the world and this change starts in our own backyards.
I love to see people enjoying their vegetable gardens, getting outdoors more and sharing beautiful fresh healthy produce with their friends, family and neighbours.

There is a need for us all to be returning to old values of environmental care, and of strong communities and friendships, and I believe back yard vegetable gardens are the perfect place to facilitate this movement.


Gaia’s Organic Gardens has helped hundreds of homes to grow their own vegetables in their own backyards.


Being fully certified in horticulture and conservation means you can trust that your garden is in good hands.

We are very happy with the wonderful vegetable patch and fruit orchard that Gaias Organic Gardens did for us. Carla is so enthusiastic & explains all about the plants and how to use them. The whole family loves picking our produce and it’s saved us lots of money too. Would highly recommend Gaias Organic Gardens to anyone looking to grow their own food.
Mairead O’Reilly