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A garden is much more than just a place of beauty; it can also reward you with an abundance of nutritious and delicious food.

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Create an organic garden that suits your needs and style

Whether you want to turn an empty backyard or verge into a food-producing garden or transform your existing garden’s style into something completely new, we recommend booking a Garden Design Consultation to create an organic garden that suits your needs and personal style.

During a garden consultation, one of our friendly professionals will visit your home or business to assess your garden and make recommendations to assist with creating your very own sustainable garden.

The Garden Design Process

We really take the time to understand your needs throughout the garden design process. We go above and beyond for our clients, creating lifelong relationships to support you in every stage of your garden, from conceptualisation to construction to ongoing maintenance and advice on using your plants to their full potential.

Step 1

Initial Discussion

A discovery call is scheduled to help us get a feel for your needs in the garden’s design. A collaborative process is required to ensure your garden reflects “you” and what you’d like to get out of it!

Step 2

Design Consultation

An onsite meeting is booked, where we’ll discuss our initial design concepts with you. We’ll chat about what elements you would like to integrate into the space and your set budget for the project. We will start to develop the overall look and feel of your garden and make recommendations for what could work across the different zones, as well as foodscaping ideas for edible gardens.

Step 3

Concept Project Report and Design Maps

Next, we will construct your design map and report. In this stage there will be lots of “back and forth” as we discuss each element of the design and how they integrate with the space.

We work off your “wish list” to find places for all your delicious favourite foods to be grown in the space in the most aesthetically pleasing and successful manner possible.

Step 4

Finalisation of Design

After the design gets the tick of approval, we’ll present it to you alongside a report containing our suggested itinerary of works, estimated costings, and any other requirements.

Your design is yours to keep from this point on – you can choose to take on your garden’s construction yourself, or progress onto Step 5 where we can assist you with the entire construction process. Get a sneak-peak of the garden design styles we can create for you here.

Step 5

Approvals and Site Preparations

To make the entire construction process as smooth as possible, our team will assist you with council approvals and site preparations.

Step 6

Construction of Design

Our landscaping team can now begin the construction of the design. We can even project manage any subcontractors that are needed for other elements of your garden to ensure the design vision is completed to the highest standards.

Step 7

Maintenance of Completed Works

Our experienced maintenance team of Green Thumbs can help you keep your garden thriving with regular check ins and tidy ups.  We cover all aspects of the general upkeep of the design, so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your delicious new garden!

Throughout this entire process, some of our clients like to get their hands dirty and learn along the way; in fact, we encourage you to jump in and learn more about growing your own food!

If you’d like to take care of your garden’s design yourself, we can set up a mentoring visit schedule to teach you everything you need to know about maintaining your new organic garden. If you have any questions at all, we will always be just a quick email away.

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