About Gaia’s Organic Gardens

Gaia’s Organic Gardens is a Perth-based organic gardening business that was founded with a vision to heal the Earth, one edible garden at a time.

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We believe nature’s way is the best way.

Our philosophy is simple: when it comes to gardening, we believe nature’s way is the best way. Everything we do as a team is drawn from how Gaia, or our Earth, has been designed to help all living things thrive in balance and harmony with one another.

Through a combination of permaculture principles and practical gardening solutions tailored to our customers’ needs, our mission is to teach more Aussie families how to grow their own food in their own backyards, so that we can lead more sustainable and healthier lifestyles.

From workshops on fermented foods and seed saving to our “Garden Doctor” packages and coaching services, our friendly and experienced team are here to help you design, grow, and nurture your own organic garden from scratch.

Established in 2012

Meet our founder, Carla

Carla Weir is the Founder and Director of Gaia’s Organic Gardens.

A qualified horticulturalist who comes from a long line of farmers, Carla inherited her passion and skill for organic gardening from her mother. Keeping plants and people thriving is the driving force behind everything Carla does. Whether she’s running hands-on workshops or providing garden consultations, she enjoys inspiring other people to connect with their gardens, grow their own food, and embrace sustainable living practices.

Her informative gardening blog has won multiple awards and she has been featured on numerous TV and radio shows, including ABC’s Waste Warriors and Today Tonight.

In addition to her lifelong experience in gardening and permaculture, Carla holds a certificate in Horticulture and Conservation and practices Reiki, meditation, and a range of other healing work.

When not working to make the Earth a better place, she is looking after an energetic toddler and fantastic husband and thinking up new ways to build connections with family, community, and beyond.

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