Would you like to have access to free nutritionally dense food, Right at your doorstep?

All around us are growing some incredible plants that are better for you than the vegetables you are striving to grown in your veggie garden. And in some cases they are healing and highly prized medicinal plants or considered gourmet in other cultures.

Yes I’m talking about weeds… Edible Weeds.

The weeds in your garden are probably growing like crazy. If you would like to spend your weekends weeding than this workshop is not the place for you. In this workshop we teach you to understand your weeds, giving you simple organic solutions to your weed control problem, No more need to spray harsh and harmful chemicals that can damage your families health.

Weeds are fascinating misunderstood plants.

Plants we all brought here for one reason or another, and mother nature, Gaia, keeps them in the our environment for a reason. Lets uncover all of the lost and forgotten secrets of these wonderful weeds.

After all, a weed is just a plant in the wrong place.

Join Carla Weir from Gaia’s Organic Gardens as she discusses the joys and wonders of Edible Weeds.

The below is an extract from the workshop, exploring just a few of the weeds we will discuss on the forage.

Hear Carla talking about edible weeds on RTR FM

Listen As Carla from Gaia’s Organic Gardens chats with ABC radios Geoff Hutchison

Carla discusses the wonders of Edible Weeds in Preparation for the upcoming Edible Weeds Forages being held in Wanneroo at Dunns Herb Farm.

WHEN: Sun., 29 November 2020 | 10:30 am – 5:30 pm AWST

WHERE: Perth City Farm, 1 City Farm Place, Perth, WA 6004

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