10 Alternatives to RoundUp

10 Alternatives to RoundUp

Glyphosate the killer weed killer

You don’t have to look far when searching for the controversy around this regular back yard weed killer. Its recent attraction in the news and media is not to be ignored, the facts surrounding this quiet killer are quite astounding, almost as astounding as the fact our governments, especially our trusty Perth Seats, are still allowing the use of this deadly spray in our neighbourhood, children’s parks, verges and public areas. It scary to think you could be walking over an area sprayed recently and not even know it. Keep your eyes peeled for the blue dye, this is your sign the area has been recently sprayed. I often see the councils spraying when it’s very windy, or even just before it rains, despite the instructions specifically saying not to spray under these conditions. Use of this product is often done in a very irresponsible manner, with little concern for the rate of application.

Recent win for the people

In August 2018 the people have had a big win against Monsanto, with the U.S grounds keeper being awarded $289 million dollars after a lengthy court case finding Roundup as the cause for his terminal cancer. Hopefully this will give the councils the push that’s well overdue to find safe alternatives to our “weeds problem”.

From Space Men to Carcinogen

Classified by WHO (world health organisation) as a probable carcinogen people who work with this chemical must wear full protective suits, yep bio hazard quarantine styles. But sure, this crap is totally safe enough to spray on our food. Please give me a break. The international agency of research on cancer has deemed both the substances and exposure to this charming ‘product’ to have sufficient evidence to support its links to cancer in animals and strong evidence to support its links to cancer in humans.

This product will probably give you cancer

There are certain classifications for questionable products we use, such as this one. You may have heard the term possible carcinogen, well this one is a class above that, a probable carcinogen, it will probably give you cancer, that’s what the actual classification is. There is a huge amount of supporting evidence suggesting that these products also impede our bodies natural healing processes and damage gut and digestive health, and can over time cause neurological dysfunction.

Would you like a side dish of chemical warfare with that?

Living in a market garden suburb I often see the gardeners spraying around and in between their crops, The sprayer is usually wearing a white biohazard suit, for due reasons. The run off and trace particles of this deadly product have been found in traces in over 90% of food on your supermarket shelves. Farmers can spray 3 or more times wheat crops before they are harvested. #goorganictoday

Sprayed on crops to reach desired harvest conditions quicker, and there are roundup ready crops that are resistant to glyphosate, so they can get sprayed and survive, only the weeds die. Yep you guessed it, they are also genetically modified crops that can be sprayed with round up and survive, In some cases its sprayed just before pulling the crops to aid ease of harvest, with little concern for the health of consumers.

But why do we still use it?

Banned in several countries, Malta, Shi Lanka, The Netherlands and Argentina….. With Europe, Brazil and France are soon to follow. Lets all push to get this rubbish out of our country, or at least stop individuals from purchasing and using it.  So why are we still using it? It would have something to do with money and politics I’m guessing.

Derivate of Agent Orange

Our charming friends at Monsanto are responsible for the creating of Agent Orange, A chemical used in the Vietnam war, with dire consequence to those exposed to its harmful dioxins. Now they are back at their games creating concoctions for the US military to use in the current situation in Israel.  The question you must ask your self is are you ok with chemical engineers messing with our food supply? In my opinion hell no.

Lack of Ethics and Sneaky Reporting Tactics

Monsanto have been found time and time again to have paid scientist, doctors and politicians into falsely gathering supporting “evidence” Reports and facts on their harmful products.  A lot of the politicians in high government seats are CEOs and partners of this corporation, leaving no room for unbiased decisions to be made about the freedom of use of the products.  The potentially hazardous nature of glyphosate is clearly known by Monsanto, and their falsifying of documents to influence the public was one of the supporting factors in the recent court hearings. In once instance a supporting paper was written by Monsanto staff and falsely published under academic’s name.  The list of unethical practices goes on, and on , and on.

10 Reasons not to spray

  1. It may give you cancer
  2. It may harm sensitive gut biome and digestive enzymes
  3. It builds up in our soil and water ways poisoning our marine life and animals
  4. It’s expensive
  5. Breeds super weeds
  6. Damages precious microbes in the soil
  7. For the sake of our future generations
  8. Don’t support Monsanto’s greedy corporate agenda
  9. You have to wear so much safety gear or take proactive precautions
  10. There are so many alternatives!!!!!!!!!!!!

10 Alternatives to Roundup

  1. Hand weeding
  2. Shovel (works a treat on paving)
  3. Epsom Salt, Vinegar, Dishwashing Liquid
  4. Straight Vinegar, or apple cider vinegar.
  5. Hot water
  6. Hot oil
  7. Oil- spray to smother weeds
  8. Livestock/Animals: Let your guinea pigs or chooks onto the area
  9. “Slasher” Pelargonic acid. An organic alternative to roundup.
  10. Eating and understanding the weeds!!
  11. Bonus Alternative: Steam

Organic Weed Killer Recipe:

1 cup Epsom Salt

1 Cup White Vinegar

½ Cup Eco dish washing detergent.

Add to spray bottle, Top up with water and spray liberally on weeds. Repeat as necessary.

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It’s a matter of Ethics

Pure evil is one of the words that come to mind when describing the major corporation Monsanto, With their inhumane agendas and complete lack of ethics this immoral corporate giant is at the top of my do not support list. Their agenda to monopolize the worlds food chain is a frightening concept, And its up to us as consumers to drive the change with the power of our purchases. Become the change you want to see in the world & make the change today.




Please share this article with your friends and family, knowledge is power and together we can unite and stand against Monsanto.

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