The world’s most complete list of edible flowers.

Flower Power to all the hippies and hipsters out there! Flowers are a beautiful way of prettying up a garden, but did you know there are a huge range of edible flowers also available? Beautifying your garden and your dinner and your soul. They are also top companion plants offering a deterrent from troublesome pests, and attracting predator pests and pollinators to your edible garden.

Impress your friends by adding your edible flowers to a salad, desserts, cakes or just for edible decoration. Add to ice cubes for a sexy summer drink addition. Flavoured oils, dressings, jams. The list of uses is limited only by our imaginations. Think of beautiful crystallized flowers for gifts and decorations. Or pressed flowers for cards and scrap books. Dried flowers can make craft or potpourri.

Add Colour and Chi to your salad or desserts…

Boost your energy and vitality by adding flowers to your dishes. They boast high levels of Vitamin A, C & D and are also loaded with antioxidants. Iron, Potassium and Calcium are also common minerals in flowers.

For me, it’s the energy or chi I get when I eat a flower, they are just so delicate, feminine and beautiful. I like to think a little of the essence of flowers are absorbed when we eat them. There is a plethora of ancient medicinal properties in flowers, but that may just have to wait for my next blog!

No wonder they are so dam sexy; the flowers are a plants reproductive organs “wolf whistle sounded”.

Important things to note:

  • Please use edible flowers with caution, Allergic reactions to flowers are possible so please start in small doses.
  • Only use organic spray free flowers
  • Only eat wild flowers if you know it’s a spray free area
  • Eating flowers off roadside is not recommended as they are prone to absorb pollutants from car fumes
  • Never eat any part of a plant unless you can identify it with 100% positivity
  • Only eat the petals unless you know the plant is edible. In many cases ONLY the petals are edible so remove the calyx and stigma (base of flower)
  • If you suffer from hay fever you may also be sensitive to flowers

101 Edible Flowers

  1. Violas/Heartsease/Pansy/Jumping Jacks –Viola spp –Entire plant is edible
  2. Petunia- Petunia hybrid- Entire plant is edible
  3. Native Violets-Voila hederacea- Entire plant is edible
  4. Voilets- Voila odorata – Entire plant is edible
  5. Alyssum- Alyssum maritimum – Entire plant is edible
  6. Calendula- Calendula officinalis – Flowers and young leaves
  7. African Marigold- Tagetes erecta- Petals only, although leaves have medicinal properties when prepared correctly
  8. Signet Marigold- Tagetes tenufolia- Petals only, although leaves have medicinal properties when prepared correctly
  9. Sunflower- Helianthus annuus- – Entire plant is edible
  10. Geranium-Pelargonium spp.- Petals only
  11. Snapdragon- Antirrhinum spp. -Petals only
  12. Scarlet Runner Beans- Phaseolus coccineus-Petals only
  13. English Daises- Bellis perennis -Petals only
  14. Rose-Rosa spp. -Petals only
  15. Carnation-Dianthus spp. -Petals only
  16. Chrysanthemum- Chrysanthemum spp. – Petals only
  17. Hibiscus- Hibiscus spp. -Petals only
  18. Linseed –Linum usitatissimum-Flowers and seeds
  19. Borage-Borago officinalis– Petals only, although leaves have medicinal properties when prepared correctly
  20. Red Clover-Trifolium pretense– Entire plant is edible
  21. Nasturtium- Tropaeolum majus- Entire plant is edible
  22. Sour Sob-Oxalis cernua- Entire plant is edible
  23. Roselle- Hibiscus sabdariffa-Petals only
  24. Banksia- Banksia spp. -Petals only (sap)
  25. Sage- Salvia officinalis- – Entire plant is edible
  26. Scarlet Wisteria- Sesbania grandifolia (asia) -Petals only
  27. Pineapple Sage- Salvia elegans- – Entire plant is edible
  28. Lemon Verbena- Aloysia triphylla- – Entire plant is edible although leaves should be cooked or boiled
  29. African Impatiens- Impatiens wallerana-Petals only
  30. Horseradish- Armoracia rusticana- Entire plant is edible
  31. Lilac- Syringa spp. -Petals only
  32. Rocket/Roquette- Arugla- Entire plant is edible
  33. Water lilly- Nymphaea odorta- Entire plant is edible
  34. Queen Annes Lace/Wild Carrot- Daucus carota- Entire plant is edible
  35. Lilly- Lilium landifolium- Entire plant is edible
  36. Cornflower-Centaurea cyanau- Entire plant is edible
  37. Gladiolus-Gladious spp. -Petals only
  38. Chives- Alluim spp. – Entire plant is edible
  39. Brassica (Broccoli, Radish, Wild Radish)-Brassica spp. – Entire plant is edible
  40. Garden Sorrel-Rumex spp. – Entire plant is edible
  41. Hyssop-Agastache foeniculum – Entire plant is edible
  42. Lavender- Lavandula angustifolia- Petals only, although leaves have medicinal properties when prepared correctly
  43. Basil- Ocium basilicum- Entire plant is edible
  44. Angelica- Angelica sylvestris– Petals only, although leaves have medicinal properties when prepared correctly
  45. Strawberry- Fragaria ananassa-Flowers and fruit are edible
  46. Burnet/Salad burnet- Sanguisorba spp. – Entire plant is edible
  47. Magnolia-Magnolia grandiflora –petals pickled
  48. Thyme- Thymus vulgaris- Entire plant is edible
  49. Tansy- Tanacetum vulagre- Petals are edible (very pungent) leaves can be used medicinally but best avoided raw
  50. Jasmine-Jasminum officinale-Petals only
  51. Mint- Menta spp. – Entire plant is edible
  52. Cat Nip- Nepeta cataria- Entire plant is edible
  53. Pumpkin- Cucubrita spp. – Entire plant is edible
  54. Squash- Cucubrita spp. – Entire plant is edible
  55. Zucchini- Cucubrita spp. – Entire plant is edible
  56. Oregano- Origanum vulgare- Entire plant is edible
  57. Pansy- Viola tricolor- Entire plant is edible
  58. Fuchsia –Fuchsia spp -flowers and berries only
  59. German Chamomile – Chamaemelum nobile- Petals only, although leaves have medicinal properties when prepared correctly
  60. Roman Chamomile- Marticaria chamomilla- Petals only, although leaves have medicinal properties when prepared correctly
  61. Feverfew/Pyrethum-Chrysanthemum parthenium/ Pyrethrum parthenium/ Tanacetum parthenium- Petals only, although leaves have medicinal properties when prepared correctly
  62. Rosemary-Rosemarius officinalus – Entire plant is edible
  63. Dandelion- Taraxacum officinale- Entire plant is edible
  64. Chicory- Cichorium intybus- Entire plant is edible
  65. Moringa- Moringa oleifera- Entire plant is edible
  66. Hawthorn- Hawthorn spp. -Petals only
  67. Hollyhock- Alcea rosea-Petals only
  68. Chia- Salvia hispanica -Entire plant is edible
  69. Linden-Tilia spp. -Petals only
  70. Dill- Anethum graveolens- Entire plant is edible
  71. Babys Breath- Gypsophila sp. -Petals only
  72. Begonia- Begonia spp. -Entire plant is edible
  73. Elderberry- Sambucus spp.- Berries and fruit, leaves can be used medicinaly when prepared correctly
  74. Apple-Malus spp.- Fruit and blossoms are edible
  75. Citrus Blossoms-Citrus spp. – Fruit and blossoms are edible
  76. Plum- Prunus spp. – Fruit and blossoms are edible
  77. Banana- Musa spp. – Fruit and blossoms are edible
  78. Ginger- Zingiber officinale
  79. Tumeric- Curcuma longa
  80. Cardamom- Cardamon
  81. Safflower- Carthamus tinctorius
  82. Honeysuckle- Lonicera spp. -Petals only
  83. Peony- Paeonia spp. -Petals only
  84. Tulip (unless allergic) – Tulipa spp.- Petals only
  85. Lilac- Syringa spp. -Petals only
  86. St John Wart- Hypericum perforatum- Petals only, although leaves have medicinal properties when prepared correctly
  87. Bee Balm- Monarda didyma- Entire plant is edible
  88. Thistle- Cirsium horridulum- Entire plant is edible
  89. Evening primrose- Oenothera biennis -Flowers and young leaves
  90. Comfrey- Symphytum officinale- Flowers and young leaves
  91. Echinacea- Echinacea purpurea- Petals only, although leaves have medicinal properties when prepared correctly
  92. Feijoa/Pineapple Guava- Feijoa sellowians- Fruit and blossoms are edible
  93. Cosmos- Cosmos spp. -Petals only
  94. Chervil- Anthriscus cerefolirum- Entire plant is edible
  95. Arugula- Eruca sativa -Petals only
  96. Lovage- Levisticum officinale- Entire plant is edible
  97. Beans/Peas (ornamental NOT edible)- Pisum spp. – Entire plant is edible
  98. Crane Bill/Storks Bill- Geranium dissectum- Entire plant is edible
  99. Plantain Lilly-Hosta- Entire plant is edible
  100. Day Lilly-Hemerocallis fulva Flower buds and flowers

Bonus Flower

Dahli- Dahlia pinnata-Petals only


Please do your research into edible flowers and medicinal plants prior to eating them or using them. This is only a guide and by no way implies any medicinal properties, cures or magic fixes. The flowers and plants mentioned MAY cause serious reactions so people even if stipulated as safe, please test yourself before eating large quantities. Start with one or 2 petals and build yourself up as you know they are safe. Flowers may give you an upset tummy, or other adverse reactions so please eat with caution.

A different view of food…

I hope you have found this blog enjoyable and informative. Now you may look at your colourful garden differently, and along with your edible “weeds” consider what you eat for lunch on a whole other level.

Is your garden set up for the best show?

If you are not sure how to grow your own edible flower garden at home, then ask us how today! We can come and help you get set-up for your own beautiful colourful edible paradise.

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