12 Benefits of Having a Vegetable Garden

12 Benefits of Having a Vegetable Garden

My grandmother grew her own vegetables. When I was little, we would pick the tomatoes from garden and it add it to our salads. I didn’t appreciate the benefits of growing your food back then but now that I think of it, I LOVE IT! The smell, the texture, and the taste was always so fresh and clean and juicy. Now that I’m older, I’m growing my own vegetable garden too! I’m sharing with you why you need a vegetable garden today.

  1. It tastes so GOOD!

There’s nothing quite like a fresh tomato from the vine. It tastes better than the one from the store, trust me. The vegetable is picked fresh when you’re ready, there’s no transportation involved, it’s not sitting on the shelves for days. So you get to taste that wonderful freshness and juiciness. 

  1. Saves you money 

Growing your own food can save you anywhere from $300 to $1000 a year! Buying organic at the store can be very expensive. By spending a few dollars on seeds you’ll produce vegetables that will yield pounds of produce. 

  1. It is CLEAN 

By choosing organic gardening, you ensure that your crops are safe for you and your family. Plus, organic vegetables have more nutrients than commercially grown foods because the soil is nourished with sustainably. And of course, it taste better!

  1. It’s GOOD for the planet 

Having your own vegetable garden helps the environment in so many ways. If you grow your food without pesticides and chemicals, you don’t contribute to the unnecessary water and air pollution. You’ll also reduce the use of fossil fuels that results in pollution due to the transport of produce from and to the supermarket. It may seem like a small thing but no effort is too small. 

  1. It’s good for the economy 

When you buy seeds from local garden centers, you’re supporting your local economy. And, by choosing to buy locally, you’ll most likely find a variety of plants suited in your area. 

  1. It’s good for the kids 

Exposing your kids to gardening can help them connect with nature while bonding with them.

Teaching your children about gardening can change their relationship with food. Learning where their food came from, how to grow and care for it, how to harvest it will teach them how to be more responsible when it comes to food.

  1. You get to share it 

Owning a garden means that most likely, you’ll always have more than enough for yourself leaving plenty to share with friends and neighbors even with the community.

  1. It’s a good exercise 

When you garden, you are breaking a sweat. Whether you’re digging, lifting or weeding, these activities involve using different muscle groups. Plus, you get to enjoy the sun.

  1. It’s a stress reliever 

We know that it’s healthy to take a break from all the stress that life throws us and gardening is a good outlet for a lot of people. By focusing your attention to planting, you are taking the time to shift away from your day to day for a little while. 

  1. It’s good for you health 

Vegetables keep your body running efficiently protecting you from chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer. When you’re growing your own vegetables, you’ll most likely eat them.

  1. Earn by selling your produce 

If it is legal in your community to set up a roadside stand and sell your extra fruits or vegetables, go ahead and earn extra money. You can even sell your produce to your local restaurant.

  1. It’s FUN 

For long time gardeners, tending a garden provides enjoyment. Watching your garden bloom to a beautiful produce provides a sense of satisfaction.  You can even make it a social interaction by inviting your neighbor who also garden.

Growing your own produce is easy, satisfying, fun and healthy.

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