Dale Tilbrook Bush Tucker Experience

Dale Tilbrook Bush Tucker Experience

Upon entry we were greeted with a gorgeous table overflowing with delicious food & jars of herbs. Some of the edible natives we were served was a Youlksalad, a crispy zesty and refreshing coleslaw like dish who’s crunch packs more flavour than an apple.

Then there was the wattle seed inspired savouries and desserts with the spectacular wattle seed pork belly bite being the absolute star of the show. The native finger lime tartlets and desserts had a unique and different yet satisfying flavour.

We also got to try some other neat samples. The assortment of different fruits and berries really opens your eyes to the diversity of flavours available to us locally which we need to be exploring a lot more.

The venue itself was a cornucopia of delicious and unique gourmet food selections.

A diversity of locally sourced premium foods. Overall the night was incredibly informative and enjoyable and quite good value for money as the gourmet food selections was certainly of a gold plate standard.

For more on the venue:

Meeting the wonderful Dale Tilbrookwas an amazing experience. She is a Wardandi Bibblulmun woman whose native country is the Margaret River, Bussleton area. She is so knowledgeable in all she does and she made the experience so memorable, relaxing and delicious!

If you would like to experience it for yourself (and I highly recommend it!), you can book here:

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