Got Parsley Growing Out Of Your Ears?

Got Parsley Growing Out Of Your Ears?

This time of year is perfect to get some 100% garden salads going! So why not try my Tabouli recipe with your home grown goodies?? Stay tuned, but in the meantime here are some fun facts about Parsley.

Parsley is good for bad breath, ya stinker!

Yes that right parsley contains properties that can help bad breath with a process called “enzymatic deodorisation” So next time your friends tell you “ your  are  a garnish eater” or “rabbit”  you can safely laugh in their faces without the worry of knocking your mates socks off with your garlic breath.

For the purest blood on the block- eat your sprigs!

Only a few sprigs of parsley each day is all that is needed for some serious health boosts!

  • Purify your blood of toxins,
  • Help digestion of your meal,
  • Assist you in producing more oxygen,
  • Promote growth and repair of tissue,
  • Support elimination,
  • Promote optimal blood pressure
  • Help with memory loss
  • Lower risks of breast cancer

I haven’t even told you the nutrition qualities yet and you’re already hooked!!

Parsley is super high in the good stuff- packed with Vitamin C, A & K, iron, copper, magnesium, potassium, calcium, beta-carotene, folic acid and chlorophyll.  Even vitamin B3 & B1!! I know right!!

Tabouli Time…………So here it is, drum roll please…..


1 Large bunch of freshly picked home grown parsley

3 Organic Heirloom Tomatoes

1 Red Salad Onion

1 hand full of freshly picked home grown mint

1 cup of cooked bukinis, buck wheat or cous cous

1 Squeeze of a lemon picked from your neighbours tree

¼ cup Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil.

Cook and allow to cool the grains. Chop ingredients and mix. Pretty simple really!!

Try these extra suggestions of where you can go stick your parsley.

You can add some to your eggs, sandwiches, pasta, salad, stews… it really is compatible is such a huge range of dishes and a great simple way to boost your health and vitality. Don’t forget to add some to your freshly squeezed juices!

Its super easy to grow!

Parsley can grow so easily if you think you not have space I’m sure you do! It can grow in a pot or planter bed, on a window sill or stashed away in an existing garden bed. Contact us if you would like some more ideas of where you can get some growing today!

What’s your favourite way to eat parsley?

We would love to hear from you! Please comment below on some of the ways you enjoy cooking with and eating your home grown parsley.

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