Two of my beautiful friends come over each Tuesday to do some stretching together, it’s such a nice day and has become my favourite day of the week. I prepare a lovely meal for lunch, always with something I have grown myself in the garden!

100% Garden goodness, tossed in a salad.

Yesterday I was out of ideas as to what I should cook so looked to my garden for inspiration. I managed to whip up a salad, my friends helped  pick it only moments before we ate it – with 100% ingredients from the garden, energy and nutrients all still intact ready for absorption into our bodies! The salad green mix was so flavoursome containing 2 types of lettuce cos & brown romaine, 2 types of Rocket, French sorrel, Kale and Chives, I added some hard boiled eggs from my chooks, some home grown cherry tomatoes, violas & nasturtium flowers & dressed it with some of cold pressed EVO made my partners mother. I followed with a zesty lime balm infused coconut Keifer yogurt all homemade, on top of rockmelon, with organic dried prunes, chia seeds & honey. Easy to say it was a hit!! Everything I cook has something fresh from my backyard edible paradise, even if it’s just a few herbs for flavour. From garden to plate!

Let your garden guide you to health and vitality.

I love letting my garden guide my cooking. If I have a harvest I make food accordingly. I harvested a big load of potatoes last year at the same time my leeks were ready so potato & leek soup seemed an obvious choice! Gaia knows what our bodies need in order to get through each season feeling healthy- that’s why oranges are a winter fruit when we need Vitamin C, Or why watermelon is a summer fruit when we require hydration. The symbiosis between a gardener and the garden is evident everywhere.

A tip to help little ones eat more greens.

My two year old son has just started being fussy with his food. He used to love his greens but now I find it so hard to get him to eat them. I have to hide them in really well because if he sees green he will just pick it out or not eat it… I guess I thought my child would love greens because we grow them and eat them heaps… but no!  A little trick I have been doing is blitzing a big bunch of Kale in my thermomix, you can fit an entire bunch in a small dish this way, and it really enhances the flavour of dishes. Its great in stews, soups, pasta sauces, wherever you can squeeze it in. I add it to smoothies as well.

How much Kale do you need to grow?

Kale is one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. Recently labeled a super food due to its super high concentration of vitamins and minerals so it’s nice to know I have enough Kale growing to use it freely, without worrying about the cost.

The Kale plants I harvest from have been supplying my family of heavy kale eaters for over a year, we have about 6 plants and this is ample for my small family, my neighbours, family and friends. Its pretty good in pots too! If you still purchase your Kale please get organic as this stuff is heavily sprayed when conventionally grown.

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