Why Summer Gardens are made in Winter?

Why Summer Gardens are made in Winter?

It seems strange to think, but did you know summer soil is made in winter?

Yes, that’s right, if you want to have success in our harsh summer climate you must prepare your soil over winter. This allows Gaia to really work those microbes and build up the organic matter in the soil, with the rains help to draw those nutrients into the root zone of your trees and into the sub levels of the soil where the roots can access the nutrients required to grow big strong healthy plants (which in effect grow big strong healthy humans)
So what can we do to prepare our soils? I hear you ask! Well, keep reading for our winter wonderland checklist.

  • Mulch- You should be heavily applying mulch to the garden now, this will help to retain all those winter weeds that were dropped into the soil last year and it will break down and feed those hungry microbes. We recommend wood-chip mulch for general gardens and fruit trees and Lupin Mulch for Vegetable garden areas. You can order you mulch from us too don’t forget.
  • Compost- Apply/ Start new compost heaps. Either you have one already established or your thinking of starting one, NOW is the time to get that compost happening. Don’t have enough scraps? Well try tapping into resources around you. Does your children’s school have some scraps you can collect? Is your local cafe willing to spare their landfill? Ask around your community today. For composting how too hit up our blog here https://www.gaiasorganicgardens.com.au/the-how-to-guide-to-composting/
  • Manure– Got a friend with chickens or horses? Why not collect some poo for the garden? Best to break it down for a few weeks first. Rule of Thumb-  If the pile is still hot than it will burn the plants.
  • Trace Elements- These are the little hidden gems that make the big differences. This is the missing link you are all looking for. Want plant success in summer- add trace elements to the soil. You’re Welcome. The liquid stuff is rubbish, we recommend No Frills Rock Dust Plus.
  • Liquid Fertilizer- Again another underestimated gem.  Regular monthly application of foliar organic fertilizers, especially over winter, will boost your plants and feed you soil. You don’t know how many people I see with this stuff sitting in the shed- News Flash- it’s not feeding your plants from there, dust it off and get it onto the garden!

So, there you have it. The recipe for success. If you are still feeling overwhelmed by your garden perhaps consider our monthly maintenance service. Here we can take care of all the above and more. We do the dirty work so you don’t have to! Prices start at only $150.

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