Unlock the Secrets to Growing Your Own Thriving Organic Garden

Unlock the Secrets to Growing Your Own Thriving Organic Garden

For many people, the idea of having their own organic, edible garden that ACTUALLY produces delicious food for the family, is a distant dream and a task that never quite gets off the to do list. Whether you’ve had unsuccessful attempts in the past or felt overwhelmed by where to start, we can help! With almost a decade of experience installing organic, edible gardens for clients, and running workshops in Perth Western Australia, we’ve now taken the next step and created an online course that will teach you the skills to create your own thriving organic garden, right from the comfort of your home. Let our founder, Carla, guide you through the entire process and ensure your garden is set up to thrive and produce crops all year round!

Here’s what YOU NEED to ensure you nail in order to grow great food!

1. Cultivate a Healthy Environment For Your Plants:

Understanding your soil and creating the right environment for your plants is crucial. We’ll delve into the secrets of organic soil and guide you in creating an environment where your plants can truly thrive. You’ll discover the art of companion planting, knowing which crops thrive next to each other, and how to control pests without resorting to harmful pesticides. We’ll cover factors like soil practices, shade versus sun, and what to plant where, so you can make informed decisions for your garden.

2. Where to Plant Your Garden & Seasonal Changes

We understand that every garden is unique, and not all conditions are ideal for growing. That’s why our course provides solutions tailored to your specific situation. Whether you have limited space and need raised beds or are planting directly into the ground, we’ll show you how to work with what you have. We’ll also address the challenge of maintaining a thriving garden year-round, taking into account the impact of sunlight on your garden’s success.

3. Water, Non Toxic Pest Protection & Growing Tips

We are the custodians of the environment we live in, and what we do has an huge impact. Growing without chemicals is the safest for us, our kids, our pets and of course MUCH better for our environment. Keeping the bugs at bay without using harsh chemicals is easier than you think!

Don’t let past failures or a lack of “know how” hold you back from experiencing the perks of growing your own thriving organic garden. Our brand new online course guides you through the fundamentals as well as the industry pro tips and tricks for epic results. With Carla’s expertise by your side, you can confidently embark on your organic gardening journey, creating a sustainable and bountiful oasis right in your backyard. Get ready to savor the rewards of growing your own organic produce and enjoying the numerous benefits it brings to your health and the environment.

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