Why you need Medicinal Gardens

Why you need Medicinal Gardens

Humans have been using plants for healing since the beginning of time. There benefits are proven and have stood the ultimate test of time to show their worth and effectiveness.

Returning back to your roots.

In today’s modern society there are pills, poisons and chemicals being thrown at us from every direction. It really is no wonder we are seeing a transition back into healing from plants, it’s pretty obvious the chemical route some of us have chosen is not the healthiest option for ourselves or for the planet. And considering there are so many simple ways we can alleviate these issues by something we can grow simply in our own backyards. It makes sense we are returning to these age old values. One of my clients has recently had incredible results using a common weed! This stuff really works.

Please read and investigate the ingredients.

I am an advocate for reading the ingredients in EVERYTHING my family consumes. I used “the chemical maze” and a range of other books and apps in order to learn what all those ingredients were. Easy to say I was completely shocked by some of the things manufactures put in our products. Some of these ingredients are banned in other countries around the world because of their known and proven negative side effects, in some cases these ingredients are also ruining the environment, think palm oil & micro beads, yet somehow Australia’s Laws allow these ingredients into our food and products on a regular basis. A basic example of companies using ingredients with commonly known negative side effects are some of the chemicals put into our skin care products. These products actually cause dry skin & rashes!! I urge you to please please please start doing the same and look up and learn about what chemicals you are regularly putting into you and your families’ bodies

Secret uses for your garden that should no longer be secret.

I use my garden for such a huge variety of things, it really is an integral part of my life. If I have a bruise or a cut I can make a healing poultice by pressing some herbs together to release the juice and placing that on the hurt area, I can feel the healing straight away. If I need fresh ingredients to go in my food, or my juices and smoothies, I just step out the back door a few meters and pick them quickly and easily. I go to my garden whenever I am sunburnt, have a head ache, have period cramps, need to boost my memory for a test….  so many things the list goes on. I love that it is right there so easily reached and accessible.

I don’t use any conventional beauty products, although I do use HEAPS of stuff from my garden!

Plants can heal, look at Aloe Vera as just one example!

So the healing in plants is so amazing, and I find the ways in which they work their magic to be so fascinating. Did you know Aloe Vera is completely incredible? It actually triggers positive cell response in the skin, healing damaged skin cells. It works on plants too when propagating them, so feel free to throw away that synthetic hormone rooting gel you payed heaps for! It has so many other uses as well & is something I think every Aussie home should have growing somewhere! It requires virtually no care, in fact it thrives in a low quality sandy soil!

A relaxing cup of home grown tea anyone?

As I wright this I slowly sip from my little red china tea cup some of the tea I have made from fresh ingredients growing in my garden. The calming effects of the tea drinking ritual are so relaxing its defiantly a great form of meditation and stress relief at the end of a busy day.  My guests enjoy it when I serve it up in my cute tea pots as well. It’s really simple to make and basically free!

Check the alternatives out before you rush to a doctor or chemist!

I hope this small piece inspires you to explore you options and not to rush out and purchase that cream or pill from the chemist, read the ingredients & see what alternatives are available.

Happy Gardening!

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