Perth’s Top 5 Organic Hotspots

Perth’s Top 5 Organic Hotspots

From hipsters to hippies, professional business types and families alike, a no fuss guide to living organic in Perth.

All walks of life are embarking on a journey together to better our own health, better the community and protect the planet by going organic.

Do you sometimes feel like your spinning on a whirlwind?

I know how you feel!  I was opting for the “organic life style´ way before I was a mother. I remember when I first started my journey feeling so overwhelmed by all the information I was finding out, a can of worms does not even begin to describe that awakening process that I’m sure many of you have felt or will soon be feeling as you embark on your own quest in organic awareness.

It seemed like all of a sudden everything I ate was bad in some way or another. If not the pesticides, the packing or the manufacturing process, it was the palm oil or the devastation to our rain forests and environment the products cause.  And don’t even get me started on GMO & how they are currently in more than 70% of the processed products on our supermarkets shelves, this s#! t is messed up. I felt like my head was spinning, where I should begin.  Our grandparents used to simply call it “food”. But today a lot of the food on supermarket shelf barley even resembles food, I like to call it “FRANKENFOOD”.

Hot Organic Perth food hubs ahead, take note!

I thought I’d make it easier on all those newbies out there by sharing my Top 5 Favourite Organic Hot Spots in Perth:

1.     The Little Big Store – Wanneroo

Julia down at the Wanneroo markets has got the cheapest and best quality produce I have yet seen. With weekly specials and a great range of fresh produce, dairy, pantry and regular everyday items The Little Big Store has the full package. They even have slices and other yummy freshly made raw organic snacks available if perusing all the delicious items in the store makes you extremely hungry!

2.     Natures Harvest – Cottesloe

This beautiful store has a great vibe with always something exciting going on. It features a café, and a shop with a great full range of organic products including fresh produce. They have a great range of make-up and cosmetics as well.  Natures Harvest host workshops and events in store as well so keep your finger on the pulse with this store.  What a great source of information, relaxation and inspiration!

3.     Solomon’s Café– Highgate

At Solomon’s Café you can expect nothing less than beautiful fresh clean food, friendly service and a great atmosphere.  All of the dishes are created using locally sourced fresh 100 % organic produce so you can feel safe when ordering your meal. With heaps of Raw, Vegan options as well as meat this place caters for all, and the dishes are EXCEPTIONAL. Don’t take my word for it, check them out!

4.     Alive Organics – Morley and Inglewood

One of the only places I know in Perth that sell fluoride free water in bpa free containers. The items sold here in store are handpicked with the utmost care to an ethical purchase. While doing you’re shopping you can also select your own combination of freshly squeezed organic juice in the juice bar or you can grab a snack on the run. They have a great meat section here as well for all you carnivorous cookies.

5.     The Greenhouse Organics Co-Op – Order online and collect from a pick up hub close to you.

Organic locally sourced fresh seasonal produce. These co-ops are the future of shopping. With all the options online right at your fingertips why not take advantage of this convenience? Co-Ops get you farmer direct fresh produce, and the stronger the co-ops buying power i.e. more customers are behind the co-op, the cheaper they will become. This is really supporting the “little guy”!

These are just a few of my personal favourite hot-spots but there are so many more I could mention!

Finally, Hallelujah!

Thankfully in the more recent year demand for organic products has increased and we are seeing a lot more organic selections in grocery stores, a lot more organic, raw and vegan restaurants and eating out options, and a lot more co-ops and organic home delivery options. Mostly a lot more conscientious shopping options for the expanding awareness we have concerning our food. The gaps between the you  and the growers  and makers of the food you eat is closing due to people shopping smart and actually asking what happens to food before it gets to our hands.

Don’t forget, you can grow your own!

The gap between us and our food continues to close as we see a return to vegetable gardens within the communities both locally and around the world. The chances are someone in your street is already growing their own vegetables, it really is the perfect excuse to get to know your neighbours. Community Gardens and back yard food forests are on the rise and coming to area near you!!

Tell us about yourself…

I would love to hear back from you about some of your own organic experiences and of course, your favourite places! Please share with us all some of your own thoughts below in the comment section.

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Happy organic living!!

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