What’s hot to plant when it’s not, my Top 10 Winter Vegetable Favourites.

What’s hot to plant when it’s not, my Top 10 Winter Vegetable Favourites.

At this time of year, it really is the perfect time to get things growing in your garden.

Yeah sure, tomatoes and cucumbers are out of season but there is still an array of stuff available, and you have the lazy gardeners benefit of not having to care for them as much, Gaia is taking care of the watering and shade for you!  You can literally chuck seeds straight into the ground and see results in only days.

So what can we plant? I hear you asking…. Here are my top 10 Winter Vegetable Favourites.

  1. Spinach– This iron clad vegetable grows so well this time of year; the struggle I face is in leaving it long enough to grow to full maturity before I pick it for eating. Don’t forget the harvest tip I teach on my Growing food for free workshop – Making sure you remove the full stem to trigger the cell response in the plant to grow new leaves, therefore extending the life span.
  2. Kale– The most nutritionally dense vegetable on the planet, this winter favourite will grow year round, but thrive in the cooler months.  It can survive frost and loves the chill factor. 1 plant per person is enough.  Spray some Apple Cider Vinegar on the white fly’s and you’re ready, set to go!
  3. Broad Beans– This variety of bean is a prolific provider for the family, and I have to say there is not much better in a dish than home grown buttered broad beans. If you haven’t tried them, get them growing now! The best thing about this bean variety is they do not need support. Just let them grow wild…. mmmmmmmm…. Buttered broad beans… my mouth is already watering.
  4. Broccoli– Ok so some of you may be thinking yuk, especially if you’re not a huge fan of broccoli, but I urge you to grow some and eat it home grown. There really is no taste comparison. There are so many beautiful heirloom varieties too that are ridiculously priced the shops or simply unavailable. To maximise your crop you can cut a cross in your broccoli after harvesting to get multiple heads growing, an awesome tip.
  5. Violas– The viola, who is often known as heartsease, has two names but many uses. The entire plant is edible. They contain vitamin A and C as well as antioxidants AND anthocyanin’s.  But did you know it has a seed pod that can shoot its seeds several meters!! That tiny flower is mighty powerful!! Try it candied on the top of your cupcakes!  It can decorate salads and deter the cabbage moth all at the same time. This is my favourite flower by far, but there are so many other edible flowers to decorate your garden with!
  6. Coriander– So this is a common troubled herb for gardeners in Perth and I get so many people asking me why they can’t grow coriander- chances are you have been growing out of season. In Perth coriander has a very short grow window, and yet the nursery’s will sell it year round. Winter is the ideal time of year to grow coriander in Perth and you can use the seeds from your pantry for free coriander.
  7. Garlic– Not only does it taste great, growing your own organic garlic means you can make your own nasty chemical free solution to any pesky bugs in your garden. It’s so easy to grow and it’s a great companion plant with its pungent aroma deterring all sorts of pests – just keep it away from your beans. Any plants in the Allium family which includes garlic, chives, or onions are enemies to beans.
  8. Beetroot– You can grow beets all year round but I have included these as the beetroot leaves can also be eaten and are very nutritionally dense. Because they are very high in iron and magnesium they can also be used as a compost accelerator. Plant seeds each month for a constant supply.
  9. Sweet Potatoes– This delicious root vegetable loves a large area to sprawl over. The unused area out the front or down the side can become a useful sweet potato patch for example. They can take around 6 months to reach maturity. Don’t be fooled by the amount of foliage and get too excited they are ready- there are always HEAPs more leaves than actual sweet potatoes, but don’t forget the leaves are also edible!
  10. Weeds– Yes you read correctly! So many of the weeds you have growing in your yard are not only edible but also nutritionally dense and bloody delicious! If you would like to learn more about what weeds at your place are edible and other secret uses of the existing plants you have growing, please call us for a Garden Doctor consultation today.

So there have it, the most completely tasty list of Winter Vegetables around. If you don’t have anywhere to try growing our list of favourites for yourself, then call us today. We can come out and set up a raised garden bed, and help you to get vegetables growing today.

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We would love to hear from you, what’s your favourite thing to grow in Winter?

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