Companion planting and why edible flowers are our favourite plants.

Companion planting and why edible flowers are our favourite plants.

We talk all the time about the joys of companion planting and how it can benefit you and the entire eco-system of your garden. Thats because its a system that we see work time and time again.

Here are 3 of our floral favourites for this time of the year:

1. Violas – also commonly known as Heartsease. This little garden gem is edible from head to toe and contains loads of vitamin A and C as well as antioxidants AND anthocyanin’s ( a cancer fighting component ). It can be eaten raw in a salad, or candied as an edible garnish on a cupcake, but either way its a pop of colour and a tasty floral treat. Did you know it also has a super powerful little pod that can shoot its seed up to 7 metres? Talk about packing a punch!

2. Calendula – the perfect companion in any garden. Not only can its bright and cheery bloom be used to colour rice, as a dye, or as an alternative to saffron, its essential oil can be used on its own or in ointments to sooth skin irritations such as eczema, or simply for a fair and clear complexion.

3. Alyssum – this sweetly scented cottage plant grows tiny, delicate edible blooms, with a slightly sweet and peppery flavour similar to kale. Why not try adding them to a salad, folding them through an omelette with eggs from your backyard chickens, or use them as a candied garnish for a tea party.

Eating aside, we can’t talk enough about the benefits of utilising a companion planting plan through your vegetable garden. The ecosystem as a whole will thrive with the attraction of predatory pests and beneficial insects into the environment and cut down the need for sprays and chemical nasties into your space. Not only that, some pretty floral features throughout your garden paradise is sure to be a spirit lifter.

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