10 unassuming pesticides you may still have in your perfectly ‘safe’ home.

10 unassuming pesticides you may still have in your perfectly ‘safe’ home.

Okay so the title is sort of misleading but as I now have your attention let’s talk organic PEST CONTROL.

Pesticides safe enough to eat

As my 2.5-year-old son Hunter helps me in the garden he is assigned the task of pest spraying, now don’t get me wrong, I will only spray in the absolute worst case, even then sometimes not, even when using organic alterative solutions. So my 2.5-year-old is there, spraying away the white fly epidemic that seems to have taken over the fragile ecology of my small suburban farm yard, and he is all ‘one for me one for the tree’ and spraying himself in the mouth, drinking the solution, spraying some on the dog and occasionally spraying the kale plant as directed.  It’s about this point when I realise the value of organic pest control, kids will be kids, and allowing them to explore the world freely is invaluable. By the way, I am using Apple Cider Vinegar to sort out my pest issues, so no need to worry!

10 Unassuming Pesticides – That work!

  • Apple Cider Vinegar- White fly- Just shake the plant to disturb the white flies, then spray the whole plant, especially the under leaves. Repeat every 2-3 days for a few weeks. Repeat if needed.
  • Tomato Leaf Tea- Aphids- boil hot water in a jar and Steep tomatoes leaves overnight. Strain and spray on the aphid infected plants. Dislodge the aphids with a hose first, repeat weekly until better. This is the only thing that will deter aphids but not lady bugs, the natural predator of aphids. Warning this s#*t stinks…… you will know why I said this after you make it.
  • Flour- Caterpillars- Dusting the plants in flour will deter caterpillars. Hand picking works too.
  • Egg Shells- Cabbage Moths- The predecessor of the caterpillar the white cabbage moth is very territorial, if it sees the area is heavily inhabited it will not want to go there, scattering half egg shell, white side up will trick them into thinking there are already moths there and reduce numbers. Companion planting white violas works too.
  • Coffee Grinds- Snails and Slugs cant roll over this stuff, create barriers around your raised vege gardens or scatter around the bottom of the vegetables. Careful not to overdose your soil with coffee, a little every now and again is ok but to often will cause and imbalance in the soil and you will eventually see a deficiency in the plants.
  • Beer- Snails and slugs- Beer Traps are a great friendly way of eradicating slugs and snails in the vegetable garden. Just get some small shallow bowls and place them in small hole around the garden, every meter or so, like an underground pool. The slugs will slide in there and have a little boozy party before they leave the earth side.
  • Potatoes- Slaters- Select a large potatoes and cut it in half. Scoop out the fleshy centre and place in heavily affected areas overnight. Take trap in morning and shake out into a bucket. Bear in mind slaters only a problem if in huge numbers and are eating your organic seedlings or freshly emerging seeds, they are otherwise beneficial.
  • Chilli- The old chilli garlic spray our grandparents used to use, because it works. Just boil some water and place the lightly chopped chilli and garlic into a jar overnight. Strain, add a dash of dishwashing detergent and spray.
  • Garlic- See above. Planting garlic and Alliums (chives, onions ect) as a barrier will also help confuse pests, just don’t plant them near beans, Alliums and Beans are enemies, keep these kids separated.
  • Dish washing Liquid- Use only Eco friendly brands, obviously. It acts as a soil wetter and a binding agent. When adding it to your sprays it will help them adhere and absorb into the plant, lucky these are safe because there is a similar component in chemical pesticides that ensures that stuff soaks right into the plant. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but only if its organic, otherwise you get a side dose of 16 different chemicals. Extra Value, yes!

Id rather do nothing…

Just please guys before you go out spraying remember an infestation is just an imbalance in the eco system trying to repair itself, it important you feed the bugs too so eventually you will have a complete eco system that pretty much takes care of itself. Plant trap crops and always remember the rule of three –

  • For you
  • One for the bugs
  • One for seed

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