Who’s Eating my Dinner?

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What to Plant in July & August

Yay! Finally, winter is here! We are seeing a late winter finally arriving here in Perth. But some of the plants were already thinking its spring, Its hard to tell exactly what will succeed in your garden, depending on if … Read More

Why Summer Gardens are made in Winter?

It seems strange to think, but did you know summer soil is made in winter? Yes, that’s right, if you want to have success in our harsh summer climate you must prepare your soil over winter. This allows Gaia to … Read More

10 Plants For Your Beauty Regime

To use plants in your beauty products, bring a small saucepan of water to the boil, then add a few handfuls of the herb, steep until the liquid cools then use immediately or jar up excess and place in the … Read More

What to Plant May & June

So this is still a great time of year for planting. With ease and grace Gaia nurtures and cares for your little baby plants and nurses them to full maturity. If you still don’t have your Brassicas in (broccoli, Cabbage … Read More

Coffee Face and Body Scrub Recipe

This simple to make natural beauty recipe may only contain two ingredients, but has a much longer list of benefits! Coffee on your skin is good for- Reducing fine lines and wrinkles Reversing sun damage Reduction of Cellulite Improved Circulation … Read More

Raw Activated Seed Cracker Recipe

This recipe is so easy to make it should be illegal. I can’t take full credit for it, one of the playgroup mums gave it to me a few years back, its super versatile and you can add carrots, kale, … Read More

FREE Organic Gardening workshop

Carla from Gaia’s Organic Gardens will be doing a FREE in store Organic Gardening workshop on April 30 that will cover subjects such as how to grow veggies from your veggie scraps and how to start your own worm farm. … Read More

Why you need to get your winter vegetables in NOW!

Breaking a myth… I often get asked, can we even grow anything in winter? And the answer is YES! It’s much easier than summer growing and cheaper too. Let me tell you why. In Autumn and Winter growing food is … Read More

How to make a Worm Farm

Making a Worm Farm is a great and simple way to turn your scraps and rubbish into free food for your vegetable garden, and it’s simple to make yourself at home. There are so many methods you can use it … Read More